Reporting concerns

Are you worried about a child or young person? It is important that you report your concerns to us, as soon as possible. This will help to ensure the well being of child or young person continues.

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Training and development

To help us maintain a high standard of care, it is a key priority for us to provide ongoing training and development for professionals who work with children.

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West Yorkshire procedures manual

These inter-agency procedures set out the steps professionals should take if worried about a child.

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Resources and guidance

Each local area develops guidance to provide direction or advice to a decision or course of action to safeguard Children and Young People.

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More information for professionals

Child Safeguarding Practice Review

Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews often find a combination of good service provision and  good practice, alongside lessons to be learned about how these can be improved  to help ensure that such events do not happen again.

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Working with Non-Engaged Families

If you are working with families with children and young people, who are not engaged with services, resulting in professional concern about unknown or emerging risk, follow the Pathway for Working with Non-Engaged Families.