Section 11 / Safeguarding Adults Audit Self-Assessment 

Section 11 of the 2004 Children Act sets out the provision for Local Children Safeguarding Partnerships to undertake a self-assessment audit of how organisations and services are meeting standards to safeguard children and young people.

Section 43 of the Care Act 2014 requires Local Safeguarding Adults Boards to co-ordinate, and ensures the effectiveness of, what each of its members do in protecting individuals from abuse and neglect and delivering the outcomes that enhance their wellbeing.

The Section 11 / Safeguarding Adults Self-Assessment Audit (S11/SAA) provides all organisations in Calderdale with a consistent framework to assess monitor and/or improve their Safeguarding arrangements and in turn will support both the CSCP and CSAB in ensuring effective safeguarding practice.

The purpose of this annual exercise is to:

  • Provide all organisations and groups that work with / are involved with children, young people and adults with the opportunity to provide an account of how they prioritise safeguarding
  • Provide evidence of how your organisation or group has been able to learn and improve in how you do this

The role of the CSCP and CSAB is to support this exercise and to collate the responses in order that the Partnership may determine:

  • What the self-assessments tell us about the effectiveness of arrangements for the safeguarding of children, young people and adults in Calderdale
  • What this tells us about the effectiveness of joint working to protect children, young people and adults in Calderdale

The results of the audit will then form an important part of:

  • Demonstrating in a transparent way how all organisations, professionals and others who are involved with children, young people and their families, and adults are accountable for how individually – and collectively – they safeguard people in Calderdale
  • The CSCP and CSAB Annual Report which is a public statement as to the sufficiency of joint working arrangements to protect children, young people and adults in Calderdale
  • The development of priorities to provide leadership and support for learning and improvement, and sharing things that work well

Benefits of completing the Section 11 / Safeguarding Adults self-assessment audit

How will completing the Section 11/Safeguarding Adults Audit benefit your organisation?

  • Provides evident for national inspection organisations e.g Ofsted / CQC/ HMIC
  • Provides evidence that Safeguarding is a priority within your organisation
  • Provides evidence that your organisation works closely with the Calderdale Safeguarding Children Partnership and Safeguarding Adults Board understands its roles and responsibilities.
  • Demonstrates compliance with the relevant legislation e.g. Working Together 2018, Care Act 2014, Mental Capacity Act 2005 etc.
  • Provides evidence of reflective practice
  • Feeds into improvement / development plans for your organisation
  • Identifies good practice and areas for development within your organsation

 Why CSCP and CSAB require you to complete an annual Section 11 / Safeguarding Adults audit?

  • Provides an understanding of the effectiveness of safeguarding arrangements and of joint working to protect the children, young people and adults of Calderdale for the CSCP and CSAB annual report.
  • Enables the future CSCP/CSAB training and support for the Calderdale Partnership to be planned.
  • Enables organisations to give evidence of their understanding of safeguarding responsibilities by grading against quality standards model answers.

Learning from Section 11 / Safeguarding Adults Audit 2019