Domestic Homicide Reviews

Domestic violence includes physical, psychological, sexual, financial and emotional abuse involving partners, ex-partners, other relatives or household members. In 2009 to 2010, the British Crime Survey showed that domestic violence accounted for 14% of all violent incidents and affects both men and women.

Domestic violence is frequently repeated by the perpetrator and the violence can escalate over time.

A domestic attack that results in the death of the victim is often not a first attack and is likely to have been preceded by psychological and emotional abuse. Many people and agencies may have known of previous attacks – neighbours may have heard violence, a GP may have examined injuries, the police may have been called, there may have been previous prosecutions or injunctions.

This can sometimes make serious injury and homicide in domestic violence cases preventable with early intervention. Calderdale has policies and procedures in place to instruct staff on how to intervene in domestic violence cases. There is support for victims and their children as well as services for families, friends and others who may be affected by the homicide through the victim support website.

There are information leaflets explaining the domestic homicide review process to family, friends and support networks of the victim.

Calderdale follows the Home Office Guidance in undertaking Domestic Homicide Reviews and any publicly available reviews and learning will be published here.