Calderdale Safeguarding Children Partnership

Message from the Independent Scrutineer – Professor Nick Frost.

In 2016 the Government commissioned a report by Alan Wood on the future of Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs). The Report recommended ‘the abolition of LSCBs’ – a phrase that was enacted in the Children and Social Work Act, 2017.

Here in Calderdale we were approved as one of 17 ‘early adopters’ of this programme as we moved towards becoming a Partnership. I am proud to be the last chair of the Calderdale LCSB and the first ‘independent scrutineer’ of the Partnership.

The new partnership arrangement (Calderdale Safeguarding Children Partnership – CSCP) is challenging to implement and we hope to revise and review the new system so it is totally fit for purpose during the next year. Our early work has already been commended by the NCB, who are undertaking an evaluation of the emergence nationally of the new system.  Calderdale is committed to working regionally to ensure that we have co-operation and synergy across the five West Yorkshire authorities.

Message from Julie Jenkins, Director of Children’s Services

A momentous time in the history of safeguarding children and the de-regulation of the Safeguarding Children Board to create the new partnership.

This is an exciting time as we now have the ability to be innovative and try out different things with our new partnership.  On the ground staff will still see clear policy and procedures, safeguarding training and learning from case reviews and audit. Serious cases will be reviewed more quickly and the national panel will focus on themes, the first being on knife crime. We are in a good position to work together to innovate and improve our early help and child protection system in Calderdale.  The partnership is strong, effective and staff have good working relationships with families and other professionals. It is through these relationships that we get positive change to keep children safe.

We are developing mechanisms to better understand the emerging risks you see in your day to day work. Whether you work in a school, children’s centre, or hospital we want to make sure the safeguarding partnership has its ear to the ground, to keep safeguarding practice sound and to support you to do the important job you do every day, which is to keep children safe.

Message from Penny Woodhead NHS Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

The CCG is a membership organisation consisting of 25 general practices. Our purpose is to improve the health and lives of the estimated 221,678 people living in Calderdale and/ or registered with a Calderdale GP practice.

We do this in collaboration with our partners and stakeholders in Calderdale and as part of the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Integrated Care System, by commissioning health and care services in a range of areas including mental health, learning disabilities, continuing health care, emergency and urgent care, hospital and community services, primary care and services for children and young people.

The changes to safeguarding children’s arrangements offers the partners a great opportunity to build on the strong system working we have in Calderdale, to try out new approaches and ensure we drive a learning culture.

There are many health services and providers and in Calderdale, although the CCG is the statutory partners, we will need to ensure we listen to health providers and find ways for them to be able to influence how we do business.

Message from Sarah Baker – West Yorkshire Police

As first responders Policing plays a distinctive role within communities where we often interact with Children and Young People at a point of crisis or significant vulnerability.

We are committed to continuing to meet the needs of vulnerable children at risk of harm and to engaging in our shared partnership responsibilities, enhancing our multi-agency response to children wherever possible.

We will work within the new partnership arrangements to tackle issues that are important to the children and young people we interact with, building trust and ensuring we put safeguarding at the heart of our policing response.

We will focus on understanding what is in the best interests of the child by listening to their Voices and that of their advocates, using available resources and powers to develop proportionate approaches which include prevention, early intervention and enforcement, as part of a whole system approach to safeguarding children and young people in our diverse communities.

Calderdale Safeguarding Children Partnership Secretariat

The partnership is supported by Secretariat staff, who comprise:

  • Julia Caldwell (Business and Quality and Assurance Manager) who works with the 3 partners of the CSCP and with the wider partnership to understand how safeguarding interventions impact on children and families and who directs the work of the sub groups to ensure they deliver against the objectives set out in Strategic Business Plans;
  • Sophie Boyles (Quality Assurance Officer) who manages and delivers a programme of Multi-Agency Audits and leads on a programme of engagement with children and young people, parents/carers and practitioners;
  • Jacquie Hellowell (Performance Management Officer) who co-ordinates multi-agency data to allow the CSCP members to be assured about multi-agency safeguarding work and who administers the annual Section 11 Audit which examines how well organisations and professionals safeguard people in Calderdale;
  • Allison Waddell (Learning & Improvement Officer) who co-ordinates and delivers Calderdale’s multi-agency safeguarding learning and development programme for professionals across both adults and children services, leads on policy and procedural development for Calderdale and West Yorkshire and produces easy to use tools and guidance to help practitioners safeguard children and adults effectively.
  • Julie Hartley and Lisa Golding-Smith (Business Support Co-ordinators) who provide business support to the CSCP, the Sub-groups of both partnerships, the Independent Chairs and Scrutineers, and to the CSCP Business & QA Manager

CSCP Newsletter – May 2019